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As mandated by OSHA, CSA and WorkSafe regulations your equipment needs to be inspected and certified “Safe for Use” annually. Matec Consulting uses visual weld inspection and non-destructive inspection techniques to inspect and certify your equipment. If any cracks or defects are found our engineers work with a group of fabricators and mechanics to get your equipment repaired and in good working order.
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Our no hassle process and relationships within the industry means that your equipment is ready to get back to work quickly.

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Crane Inspections
Truck mounted cranes, tower cranes, self-erecting cranes, rough-terrain cranes, articulating cranes, and all terrain cranes.
Lift Inspections
Man-lifts, scissor lifts, aerial lifts, and man baskets.
Concrete Pump Inspections
Concrete Pumps and Concrete Placing Booms.

Live in BC, Canada?

The regulations have changed. Don’t stress, we take care of you.

The regulatory landscape in British Columbia has changed.

There are 4 annual requirements from Work Safe BC that need to be met to have your equipment certified “Safe for Use”. We provide a variety of structural engineering services that compliment the new regulations. Here is what you need to know.
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Structural Inspection

Structural components of your machine need to be inspected to determine their integrity by a qualified BC inspector using non destructive testing (NDT) methods that meet the requirements of the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB).

MATEC'S Solution

MATEC engineers are qualified BC professionals ready to get your machine certified as "safe for use" after the inspection and any necessary repairs. As the Engineer of Record, they will record complete and concise information of the Annual Structural Inspection, any tests performed, and repairs.

Mechanical Inspection

The mechanical elements of the equipment need to be inspected by a licenced mechanic. Thereafter, a qualified engineer must review the inspection was done in accordance to manufacturer's specification and requirements of the safety standards for proper certification.

MATEC'S Solution

MATEC professional engineers are ready to collaborate with qualified mechanics for the complete mechanical inspection of your machine. Keep in mind that proper certifications can only be achieved after a BC Professional Engineer approves of a comprehensive mechanical inspection.

Controls Inspection

The inspection of Control Components are for the purpose of ascertaining that those components are calibrated and operating properly. A qualified electrical inspection must then be reviewed by a BC Professional Engineer for the proper certification of a machine's critical components.

MATEC'S Solution

MATEC professional engineers will assess the work of the qualified electrical inspector for the proper and complete certification of your machine. Mechanical assessments have become an important part of the certification process and we are ready to review and help to get you machine back to work.

Equipment Log

The Equipment Operator is required
under the OHSR to maintain the service history of the equipment and provide this information to the Engineer Of Record at the start of
the certification project. It is important for the operator to keep an permanent equipment logbook handy.

MATEC'S Solution

MATEC professional engineers and Engineers of Record will prepare your reports with complete and concise information of the Annual Structural Inspection, any tests performed, and repairs - keeping them permanently in a usable format for your necessary Equipment log.
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Matec Consulting is meeting these new requirements by working with Original Equipment Manufacturers, Crane Mechanics and Fabricators. Our process now involves a pre-inspection plan, online document storage, structural inspections, mechanical and control inspections as well as a certification process.
Let us keep your equipment certified and ready to use.

More Information

How much does a machine inspection cost?
We take an hourly rate approach that ensures your machine is thoroughly inspected and "Safe for Use" while also being cost effective.
Who do the new 2021 Work Safe BC regulations apply to?
The new regulations which require a structural, mechanical, and controls inspection as well as a maintenance records check apply to all crane, concrete pump and aerial lift owners in British Columbia.
What is an Engineer on Record or EOR?
An engineer on record with regards to machine inspections is the engineer who collects and or supervises the entire machine certification process in BC. They collect the structural, mechanical, and controls inspections as well as the maintenance information and determines if the equipment is "Safe for Use"

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