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Every project has its own needs and requirements. Matec Consulting can support you in your next project by providing crane engineering. We provide below the hook certification, stability tests, crane repair engineering, and load analyses. Call us today to find out how we can help you.
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Below the Hook Design
Spreader bars, dump buckets, crane forks, they all need to have up to date engineering to be used. Let us design and approve your crane accessories.
Crane Engineering
Any repair to components of a crane must be certified as having returned to a condition capable of carrying out its original design function with an adequate margin of safety.
Stability Tests
Every crane must have a test to confirm its stability under load. We carefully test, analyze, and design a plan for stability. With our custom load charts you know your crane's limits.

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How much does a machine inspection cost?
We take an hourly rate approach that ensures your machine is thoroughly inspected and "Safe for Use" while also being cost effective.
Who do the new 2021 Work Safe BC regulations apply to?
The new regulations which require a structural, mechanical, and controls inspection as well as a maintenance records check apply to all crane, concrete pump and aerial lift owners in British Columbia.
What is an Engineer on Record or EOR?
An engineer on record with regards to machine inspections is the engineer who collects and or supervises the entire machine certification process in BC. They collect the structural, mechanical, and controls inspections as well as the maintenance information and determines if the equipment is "Safe for Use"

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